14 Ultra-cool High Fade Haircuts for Men

Fade Haircut is a popular men’s cut, with the length of the hair gradually being reduced from the crest of the skull towards the temples and neck. High Fade is one of its trendiest variants. Very popular with Asian, African American and Caucasian men, crossfades exceed ethnicity and age. They are naturally cool – old Hollywood stars used to see high fades, and now they are rocked by young, hip men.

Different Types of Fades

First, let’s introduce you to some of the most popular fade hairstyles:

  • Type 1.  Classic Fade Hairstyle (or Regular Fade) – any haircut with gradually fading(fading) hairs on the sides and back.
  • Type 2.  Taper Fade – starts at the neck area (not 0), extends very gradually to the crest.
  • Type 3.  Shadows Fade  – very short hair on the sides and neck mixes with longer top without a high contrast, reminding a very light shade.
  • Type 4.  Skin Fading (also Pale Fade or Zero Fades)  – hair on temples and neck fade on bare skin.
  • Type 5.  High Fade  – starts from the crest, the longest hair is on the two-centimeter-high area above.
  • Type 6.  Fading Haircut  – the rejuvenation starts very deep, just above the ears.
  • Type 7.  Mid-Fade Cut (Middle Fade)  – starts halfway up the head.
  • Type 8.  Tempelfading (Temp-Fade)  – Only the tempi fade.
  • Type 9.  Drop Fade  – has an arched shape over the ears.
  • Type 10.  Scissor Fade  – a cut with scissors, not with scissors.

Whether you are a white, Asian, black or Latino dude will always be a right choice. You just have to pick the style that works for you. For example, low crossfades are best for oblong, triangular, and diamond head shapes, while medium fade looks great with facial hair. High fade-outs match square and round face shapes, look good only on the scalp without lumps and bumps. Scissor fade cuts are a great option for certain head shapes. Let’s move on to new, high-resolution haircuts for guys!

High Fade: Where Classic Meets Cool

Fade haircuts have evolved from classic tapers. But nowadays, the trend is more diverse than ever, and the men rock longer (even curly) hairs on the top of the head with contrasting, shaved sides. In other words, the style can be worn in a variety of different ways.

Classic High-flowering Haircut

With a subtle (but sexy) pompadour over the forehead, this zero-fade comb over-cut is a true classic of the high fade haircut. Brush the hair back with a wide-toothed comb, adding a small amount of gel or spray for added support.

Blurred Skin Fading

This high skin fading is the epitome of coolness because the hair seems to move seamlessly from thick to thin and perfect the edges. Smooth your hair back into an inflated pompadour with textured pomade and spray with hairspray if your hair does not hold a pouf good.

Fading With a Faded Beard

The key to creating a stylish, sexy men fade haircut? Absolutely accurate lines – you know, with a line that looks as if the sides of your hair were sculpted with a ruler. Make sure the hair on the head is cut no more than one centimeter long to get the best possible harvest.

Forward Combed Style

Of course, not all faded looks need to be backcombed (their most popular form). Rather, some of the trendiest male cuts are now combed almost Caesar-like on the forehead.

Wild Pompadour Fade Cut

Suppose all high faded styles look the same? Think again. Styles like these push the boundaries of traditional styles, relying on a sky-high pompadour and a precise line to add drama. Use a strong retention gel for added security.

Long Hair Cut Up

Previously reserved only for hipsters, faded haircuts with long hair on top are now becoming more mainstream. It’s an incredibly flattering style that helps to lengthen the face and highlight a series of chiseled, masculine elements.

Messy Blonde Haircut

Although it is most common to see the longer hair of a tall haircut being ground back into a pompadour, this trend quickly branches into mohawk-like edged styles. If you want to perfect your blond haircut, use tons of texturizing pomade to keep everything messy and yet under control.

Clean Cut Fading

Ideal for a job interview, Easter Sunday with grandma or even the first meeting with her parents, this shaven cut exudes confidence, class, and professionalism. The cleaner and tighter the overall picture, the better.

Side Part Fade Haircut

Just because you’re wearing a faded haircut does not mean you can not rock any side panels either. In fact, hair can make a side-by-side variation to the traditional “pomp” style that you often see.

Undercut Fade With Braids and Buns

Guys, listen to us: braids are not just for women – you can rock them as well. As shown here, plaited hair can fade with a high top undercut for a fresh, punky rock style. The best part? You no longer have to worry about styling the longer section every day.

Turned Up Humming

With faded hairstyles, there are too many looks to choose from. One of the most widely seen is a combed short haired fruit whose ends are folded up above the forehead. This gives an otherwise clean and simple cut a certain edge length.

Pompadour With a Shaved Design

Do not be shy about shaking things up (in the truest sense of the word) – try a faded haircut with long hair and shaved designs on the sides. A shaved style is a perfect canvas to create cool, complex art.

Fauxhawk Spiky Hair Fading

A high rejuvenation mixed with a sky-high faux hawk is the definition of sexy hair, mainly because of its diversity. While the tip of the hair is wild, the sides are shaven and more serious. This spiky hair fade is a perfect cut for a hip young man.

Fading With Curls

You have seen this cut on NBA players. Curly hair fades with an afro-top are an incredibly hot style just now, blending both natural black coils with clean sides and edges.

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