How to Choose a Perfume That Suits Me

There are several prerequisites to consider. The same perfume may not be perceived in the same way in two different people. Everything will depend on our skin type, whether it is drier or fatter, for example.

However, it is always advisable to choose it yourself, because the perfume is part of our personality and it is also what we want to transmit to others.

Sometimes we remember a person because of his smell. Thus, we must find the scent that defines us and leaves a pleasant trace through which others remember us.

Are You an Active and Fun Person?

In this case, you will like citrus and fresh fragrances,  those that smell of orange, lemon, and lemongrass verbena. Sometimes, in this type of profile, one can also like unisex perfumes.

Do You Want to Look Elegant?

We all have appointments from time to time, during which we want to convey a certain mystery, elegance, and enchantment.

We should then choose exotic fragrances that have a high level of concentration.  Indeed, they last long hours on the skin and leave smells of flowers, tropical fruits, and wood.

A Sexy and Youthful Personality

We all like to pass on a sometimes riskier, brazen and sexy personality. Why not? In this case, look for perfumes with sweet smells, caramel, oriental flowers, apple, rose, etc.

Perfumes That Are Almost Never Wrong

There are two types of perfume that are often more successful and with which we can not go wrong. They are very pleasant and are suitable for all skin types:

Fresh Fragrances: These are the ones we know as “green” odors, that is to say, the smell of freshly cut grass, citrus fruits, etc.

Floral Fragrances: Who does not like to smell flowers? They are delicious and it is an odor we never get tired: roses, jasmine, gardenia, orange blossom, lily of the valley, nard

Depending on Your Skin Type

If your skin is rather oily, it is possible that the perspiration ends up varying the perfume. This is something that can happen, especially when it’s hot in summer. So, what to do?

Choose Sweet or Critical Scents

In winter, or if your skin is drier, the fragrances of oriental flowers and a little more intense will be very pleasant.

As you can see, the act of choosing a perfume is not as easy as we think. This is why it is good to devote a moment to this choice.

In this way, we will not run the risk of eventually buying a brand that, sooner or later, will bother us more than anything else.

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