Paracord Survival Bracelets: What Is It?

Paracord Survival Bracelets: What Is It?

Paracord bracelets look very stylish, these fashion accessories are gaining popularity every day, and the variety of colors and options allows you to choose the right bracelet for any man, regardless of his habits and style of clothes. And it is very important when choosing a bracelet not to forget that it has a purely practical application.

Paracord bracelets are often called survival bracelets. And they got this name quite deservedly, because the long and strong rope from which such a bracelet was made, saved many lives. So these bracelets are very popular among people who are engaged in extreme sports, are fond of tourism, work in areas related to industrial mountaineering, etc.

Bracelets of Survival: The History of Appearance

The authors of these bracelets are military paratroopers who cut off parachute landings from paracord after landing and used these very strong and reliable cords as ropes for a variety of purposes.

A strong rope, along with a knife and matches, greatly increases the likelihood of survival of a person caught in the wild. From the rope, you can make a snare, lasso or bow. A robust and durable rope will help to strengthen the tent or tent, with its help you can make a raft. The rope is also used as insurance when crossing or climbing rocks. Variants of application of a long, strong cord – a huge amount.

But sometimes there are situations when you can not get the rope out of the bag just once, and the bag itself may not be available. And the rope that a person wears on the body in a video belt or bracelet, many times saved lives in such critical cases.

What is a Paracord?Paracord is a powerful, thin and light nylon cord, woven from a large number of nylon threads. There is a paracord of two parts:

  • The inner rope is woven from several ropes, each of which consists, in turn, of a plurality of yarns.
  • The outer shell is a coating that consists of a set of interwoven fibers.

The strength of a standard cord from paracord 550 type III is 240 kg per break. At the same time, nylon yarns are not susceptible to decay due to dampness and atmospheric precipitation, unlike natural fibers, have very high abrasion resistance values. A significant number of threads, of which the paracord is woven, further increases the reliability of the product.

A Modern Bracelet Made of Paracord : Product FeaturesBest paracod survival bracelet is a piece of the strongest cord woven in a certain way into a compact product, the length of which can be 3-5 meters. The original braiding bracelet and a small thickness of a cord made of paracord make it possible to create comfortable and practical products that fit easily on your wrist and can in a matter of minutes turn into a long and strong cord.

Modern bracelets of survival look very stylish, and therefore often used as decoration in urban conditions. Moreover, a strong rope can be used wherever and whenever. Depending on the coloring of such a bracelet will look like a strict decoration or a bright “bouquet”, which will be entirely appropriate to look at any get-together.

There is a significant amount of paracord weaving techniques that anyone can explore. In addition to bracelets of this material, belts, animal collars, key rings, etc. are made.

Ready-made bracelets of survival are distinguished by the high carefulness of weaving and attractive appearance. Such bracelets will serve as a wonderful gift for a man and help save time for those who understand the value of such products but do not seek to engage in weaving alone.

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